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Dr. Joseph Shainsky, 1929 - 2008

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Dr. Joseph Shainsky Foundation

P.O. Box 260511, Encino, California 91426, USA

Tel.: 818-784-8687​

Dr. Joseph Shainsky Foundation, a Public Benefit not-for-profit 501 c(3) Corporation was established on February 27, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Our mission is to continue legacy of Dr. Joseph Shainsky by delivering the transcendent moments of happiness to the military veterans and their families, as well as senior and the disabled citizens through our life-affirming free sightseeing tours.           
Dr. Joseph Shainsky Foundation is a member of the annual San Fernando Valley Veterans Day Parade in Los Angeles, California.        

It will not be an exaggeration to say, that Dr. Joseph Shainsky was a true millionaire. He has helped deliver countless long-lasting moments of happiness to millions of people. As a medical doctor and Director of Center for Disease Control (USSR), he saved lives and prevented epidemics; as an educator, he taught medical students; textbooks he wrote are being used in medical schools today. He excelled as a researcher and scientist, was featured on TV, radio and in print. In his retirement years Dr. Joseph Shainsky founded Sunnyside Tours, Inc. - a tour company in Los Angeles, California, where he then volunteered as a tour guide. Here too, without any compensation, he continued generously sharing his unprecedented knowledge, helping Russian Americans to discover our beautiful country and the world, which in the end benefited over 500,000 people. Dr. Joseph Shainsky seemed to be one of those, who possessed all the Essential Virtues, i.e. Wisdom, Magnanimity, Integrity, Justice, Fortitude, Love, Self-control, Positive Attitude, Hard Work, Gratitude and Humility. 

Legacy of a Physician, Educator and Spiritual Guide

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"...but, son, do you know what success is, at heart? It's not about money or possessions, really. It should be measured by a simple number...the number of moments of happiness one has given to others".

From The Gardener ​by Michael Shainsky

"​I had the good fortune to be acquainted with this remarkable man! His intellect, erudition, kindness, love of people made excursions he led unforgettable! 

Thank you for everything and eternal memory"! 

Dr. Z. Furman, Los Angeles

"Such people do not have age, they must live forever! As a pinnacle for which one should strive, Dr. Joseph Shainsky was a personification of humanism, knowledge, professional and human dignity.
He did not just love people, he empathized with them, like a strong, mature parent wants to protect the young, to open before them the treasures of life and say: look, listen, breathe deeply, live, rejoice! At the same time he never showed his superiority, but you always felt the inspired flight of his soul"!

G.R. Stolin, Los Angeles