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The Gardener. A novella by Michael Shainsky.

Have you noticed that some books are like some people: there are those that are socially useless, or even harmful, while some will greatly benefit the society. 

Do not read this book before bed, as it will make you think and feel! And have Kleenex handy just in case...

This extraordinary tale, the journey of Jose Gonzales, a simple Bakersfield gardener, starts by questioning our lives’ best achievements and ends by offering great hope as it probes our metaphysical underpinnings. This brief, finely detailed allegory reminds us of our need to live simply and harmoniously.  

It is a spiritual guide for our time, providing food for the contemporary soul. Every letter of it soaks with love for the human race, sometimes deeply earnest (in this apocalyptic time), at other times light and sparkling, in the way the heart finds joy. In all, The Gardener’s intriguing plot and magical-realist approach show the reader the way to the beauty of the real world with its perpetual driving forces: love, compassion and fortitude. 
Expect humor and suspense – a story that touches your heart, warms it and lingers there for a long while.
This book makes a great Christmas gift or travel companion!